Portland Marathon Training Week 14 – Workouts Recap (9/14-9/20)

Two weeks left until my first marathon!! It’s taper time. This week’s long run was 12 miles and then next week’s long run will be 8 miles. Last week’s workouts/runs went pretty good. Here’s what I did:

Monday – Cross training day. I did Insanity Max:30 Max Out Cardio. Shaun T. kept mentioning endurance and this one really tests it. I had a great sweat session.Tuesday – Ran 5 early miles before work.

Wednesday – 6 early morning miles before work. I’ve decided not to wear my LifeBeam Hat which is my heart rate monitor when I use my headlamp. The headlamp rests where the monitor is so it’s extra weight and leaves an impression on my forehead. It really started to bug me especially after the five miles on Tuesday. Thursday – I had a good workout with my little guy who joined in a few times. I did Focus T25 – Dynamic Core.
Friday – Ran a nice 4 miler after dropping the little guy to preschool. Saturday – Started my run around 4:45 am and ran 12 miles before hubby had to go to work.
Sunday – Rest Day.

Things seem to be going well training wise. I’ve been sticking to my modified Hal Higdon plan. I took a look at my stats for the year on Smashrun and am amazed at how many miles I’ve ran this year already!! Last year I ran 712 miles for the whole year and I’m at 1001 miles this year! Marathon training will get you the mileage lol. I’m pretty nervous about the marathon being so close. I’ll be so happy to finish and be able to call myself a marathoner. 🙂

How’d your week go? Any races coming up?

Also, check out my post on the #BosuStrong #SweatPink Challenge where you can win a BOSU! HERE

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20 thoughts on “Portland Marathon Training Week 14 – Workouts Recap (9/14-9/20)

  1. Awesome week of training! You’re going to rock the Portland Marathon! Congrats on your yearly mileage so far. My goal was 1200 miles for the year, but I slacked off this Spring and fell way behind. My miles are adding with marathon training, but I’ll probably only reach 1000 for the year.


  2. Great week of training and it’s taper for you! I have never tried the Insanity program but wow it looks intense for sure! Look at how high those jumps are! You are going to do great in your marathon and yes you’ll be a marathoner! Woo Woo! I can’t wait to hear about how well it goes for you! Enjoy your taper and thanks for wrapping your week up with us!


  3. Can’t believe your marathon is almost here! You are so ready! That is amazing that you already hit 1000 miles for the year!!! That’s my goal for the entire year!! Way to go HRM! Have a great taper week!!


  4. You are going to be fantastic in your marathon. 4:45 is very early, but that shows your dedication to getting it done and making it happen when you can. I had no idea the Lite Beam hat included a heart rate monitor. That is a very cool idea, but only if it’s not heavy. Enjoy your week and especially the taper. I appreciate you linking up with us!


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