Portland Marathon Training Week 13 – Workouts Recap (9/7-9/13)

Three weeks left until my first marathon!! I can’t believe it’s getting so close. Last week ended with my second 20 miler, which wasn’t continuous but pretty close to it and still a tough one. Overall, another good week. Here’s what I did:

Monday – Cross training day. I did Insanity Max:30 – Max Out Strength. I struggled trying to keep up with all the push-ups since I haven’t been doing much strength training. But it’s true what Shaun T says, “Strength is about the WILL to want it.” Tuesday – Early morning 5 miles.  
Wednesday – 8 mile evening run.Thursday – I did Insanity Max Recovery, one of Insanity’s recovery workouts. Still a tough one especially for a recovery workout.  Friday – Five early morning miles. I tried out my new headlamp and it worked well. It lit up my path nicely. It also wasn’t too heavy.
Saturday – Paced the Oregon Fall Half Marathon and took a short break and then ran the extra 6.9 miles to get my scheduled 20 miler.  I had a great time pacing again. Our 2:10 pace group helped a few people reach PR’s which was awesome! It’s such a great experience. Recap coming soon. The extra 6.9 miles I had to run were tough though. I went back on the race course to get my extra miles and this time I was running alone. I did see runners pass by but after a while there were fewer and fewer people. It was hard because I did not have my headphones with me to listen to music and I usually run with music. It was also getting warmer out. I pretty much just focused on how many miles I had left and got it done. Now it’s taper time!

Sunday – Rest Day.

How’d your week go? Any races coming up?

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12 thoughts on “Portland Marathon Training Week 13 – Workouts Recap (9/7-9/13)

  1. So glad to hear you headlamp worked for you and it wasn’t too heavy! I’m going to have to have one very soon! Wow a half plus almost 7! Impressive to say the least! I have a few half’s I am entering along with my longer training runs too. I hope mine turn out as well as yours. I know after a half I’m about spent! Thanks for linking up with us and great luck on your upcoming marathon!


  2. That first picture is a great shot – it shows how strong and defined your arms are! Hard work paying off! Nice work Sherry. I bet that was tiring adding another 6 miles to a half marathon but you stuck to your plan! Nice pace job. So cool that you do that. I remember the first time I ran with a pacer. I was so grateful to him. When I saw him after the race, I made him take a picture with me. Have a great week – enjoy the taper…3 weeks!!


  3. How fun to be part of a pace team. I’ve wanted to do that, but I’d have to pick a pretty slow pace to make sure I could do it! I like your head lamp. The one I have is a little heavy and I just don’t like it. I’m one week behind you in marathon training. Enjoy your taper! You will do great! Thanks for linking up with us today!


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