Oregon Spring Half Marathon Recap As A Pacer

It was exciting to get the opportunity to be a pacer for the first time! My local Mom’s Run This Town group asked for volunteers and I thought that it would be a fun and great experience and it sure was!

My day began around 5 am in the morning. The Oregon Spring Half Marathon took place at St. Josef’s Winery in Canby, OR, which is 22 miles South of Portland. I wanted to be ready to leave by 6 am since Google Maps said it would take about 45 minutes to get there. I had to be there by 7 am since that was the scheduled meeting time in front of the winery for the pacers. I also had to get my bib and pacer tank. It was my first time going to St. Josef’s Winery so it was nice to leave early in case we got lost or something. We got there on time and I met up with the other pacers. Here’s some group pics:IMG_4967

Here’s a pic of me with the pacing sign. I was helping pace 2:15.

The half marathon started at 8 am. We were bussed to the start line about a mile from the finish at the winery. It was a nice location where we ran through the countryside by big farms and vineyards. At mile five we started the loop that would take us back the same way we came. Here’s the race route we took:

Spring2015Course20x15The weather was pretty good for running, 48 deg F. according to my Garmin data. I’m always cold at the start but once I start running it’s all good. I was nervous about pacing for the first time. I wasn’t sure how it would go since I hadn’t run the pace I was pacing for at all. It’s slower than I’m used to but it turned out fine. Here are pics of the start:

Here’s the pre race selfie with my fellow 2:15 pacers, Angela and Melanie.

Here are pics I took along the route:    

The course was relatively flat. There were some rolling hills but the biggest hill that I remember was towards the end.

It was nice that my hubby and kids came. They were cheering us on here and my hubby took these pics of us coming in close to the finish.

Angela, me and Melanie crossing the finish line.oregonhalffinishWe did it, woohoo! My official time was 2:14:30. We did awesome and I had an awesome first pacing experience! I felt good throughout the run and had fun chatting with Angela and Melanie. We would tell each other if we were going too fast or slow. It was great company! I’m looking forward to pacing again.

Here was the medal table. I loved how the medals are engraved! IMG_4969

Uberthons put on a great event! The volunteers were awesome and cheered us on. There was plenty of water/elecotrolyte stations and they were even handing out full water bottles if you wanted. I didn’t need any since I had my trusty Simple Hydration Bottle. There was a Qdoba Mexican buffet for the finishers but I couldn’t stay to enjoy it. I like how this race is part of a series. The Oregon Half Marathon series consist of the Spring, Summer, and Fall races. Two more to go in the series. You can learn more here http://www.theoregonmarathon.com/. Hope to see you at the next one!

Here’s my awesome support! 🙂

My hubby took these cool pics at the winery while they waited.


My next race will be the Portland Rock’n’Roll Half on May 17th. What race are you looking forward to next?

13 thoughts on “Oregon Spring Half Marathon Recap As A Pacer

  1. Congrats on your first race as a pacer–looks like you did a great job keeping your set pace! And I love that the medal has your name on it–so cool!


  2. That is awesome that you did so great at your first ever Pacer race! You must be really good at keeping an nice even pace. Great pics, looks like it was a nice run. Have fun in Portland! I did that one and really enjoyed it. My next one is in San Fran on that same day. I hear it’s a fun one, it’s called Bay to Breakers and I think is just a little over 7 miles- fun reason to visit San Fran and see some friends. After that is Memorial Day Half right here next to my house. Thanks for sharing your pacing experience Sherry!!


  3. Nice job pacing, Sherry!! Did you guys switch off holding the stick? That is so amazing they engrave your medals. I wish I could take a sabbatical and run all the races in Oregon 🙂


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