Last Week’s Workout Recap (9/29-10/5)

Another week of workouts done! It was a decent week. I’m still following Hal Higdon’s 10K intermediate training plan with some tweaks here and there. My race is in 3 weeks.

On Monday, I ran three miles. It was a nice, cool day and enjoyed it! I did not do much strength training like the plan says, but did a few pull-ups and push-ups.

On Tuesday, I ran five miles.IMG_8701.JPG

On Wednesday, I had a great 45 minute tempo run.


On Thurday, I did not get a run in but did PiYo Sculpt. It’s a great total body workout.


Friday was Rest Day! Here’s 5 tips for your perfect rest day:


Saturday was another PiYo day. I did PiYo Drench. I got a great sweat on! This is still my least favorite PiYo Workout. It’s a tough but good workout. But I don’t like how it’s longer than all the other workouts.IMG_8771.JPG

Then Sunday was a beautiful day for a run. Got my six miles done!IMG_8820.JPGHow did your week go?


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