Charity Miles and Old Glory Coast to Coast Relay

charityI received an email from Charity Miles about the Old Glory Coast to Coast Relay. I have mentioned Charity Miles before in that they are an app that donates money to charity for every mile you log in their app. BENGAY® Brand is joining Team RWB and BAND-AID® Brand to kick off this inaugural relay! The American flag will be carried 3,800 miles from the VA hospital in San Francisco to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington, DC. It starts September 11, and goes until November 11, this Veterans Day.

BENGAY® Brand, Team RWB and Charity Miles are also challenging everyone to be a part of it by running virtually for the 60 days of the race and logging your distance through Charity Miles.

BENGAY® Brand’s parent company, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. will donate $0.29 for each mile logged to Team RWB through the Charity Miles app over the course of the relay, with a minimum donation of $25,000 and a maximum donation of $65,000 to support Veterans! So cool!

If you participate you will get rewarded as well:

  • Win a Team RWB commemorative patch for contributing 1 or more full miles a day to Team RWB for 15 days of the relay;
  • Win a red, white and blue paracord bracelet for contributing 1 or more full miles a day to Team RWB for 30 days of the relay; and
  • Win this special-edition Team RWB T-Shirt for contributing 1 or more full miles a day to Team RWB for 45 days of the relay!charityshirt

I love Charity Miles in that they support many charities and those for Veterans! I love donating by running or walking! If you don’t have the app yet, click here.

In the email it also says:

Your days don’t have to be consecutive. And you don’t have to sign up or register anywhere.

One mile a day may not seem like much, but it’s very meaningful. A walk to lunch, or a fifteen-minute stroll—all of it helps. You can even use our “Indoor Walk” setting as you move throughout your day. However you do it, remember you’re supporting our country’s brave Veterans.

Are you using Charity Miles? I will try to run or walk a mile for Team RWB during the next 60 days. How about you?

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