Half Marathon Training Recap (9/1-9/7)

Half marathon training is going okay, I guess. I’m in the Tapering and Race Day Phase according to the Asics App schedule that I’m following. I’ve been doing all my training runs and adding PiYo into the mix. I’m just a bit nervous because the Oregon Half marathon is only six days away.

On Monday, I did PiYo Sweat. I think this is one of my favorite PiYo workouts because it always makes me sweat. I know it’s a good workout when I sweat.

IMG_7925.JPGI even made a video that shows some of the moves:

On Tuesday, I ran three miles and then did PiYo Sculpt.


On Wednesday, I ran five miles fast and then did PiYo Hardcore on the Floor.

IMG_7992.JPGPiYo Hardcore on the Floor is a tough one that I need to work on more. It’s an awesome core workout! I made a video of this one too:

On Thursday, I did PiYo Drench. I don’t like how this one’s a long one, but I got through it.


Then on Saturday I ran 3 miles on the dreadmill, I mean treadmill. Lol. Afterwards, I did PiYo Buns. I like this one, it really works your lower body.

IMG_8040.JPGThen today, I ran a total of eight miles. The Asics app I’m following had me doing just five miles at race pace, but I decided to do three more easy miles. The bad thing about this run was that I got two side aches. I guess it was because I ate beforehand and didn’t wait long enough for the food to settle, and also was going too fast. I dunno, but it’s got me worried since my half marathon is just six days away. I hate getting side aches during runs. I hope it doesn’t happen next Saturday during the race.


How did your week go?


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10 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Recap (9/1-9/7)

  1. Good luck! One thing I’ve found helps side aches (or side stitches is what I think some people call them) is trying to alternate my breathing pattern. If I normally inhale when I’m taking a step with a particular foot, then I try to do that with the opposite foot; for example, if I am inhaling/exhaling when I land on my right foot, I force myself to inhale/exhale when I take a step with my left foot instead. I found that tip on Runners World and it has saved me several times. Maybe you’ve already tried this, but if not, I hope that helps!


  2. you were not kidding when you said FAST PACE for your 5 mile. I think I am going fast when I do a 8:23 mile!!! LOL With that said you are doing great with your training as it seems like you are doing a more well balanced and well rounded workout. NOW I get side stitches too if I drink too much or eat before a run so I feel your pain – LITERALLY! How cute, your son sits next to you while you work out. Mine does the same. LOL. Good luck on your race. I know you will rock it. Can’t wait to read all about it. #wowlinkup


    1. Lol, 8:23 is fast – nice! Thanks! I think PiYo is helping with running. I need to make sure I don’t eat too much before the run. That’s cool your kiddo sits by you too while working out. I’m getting nervous about the race. Thanks! 🙂


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