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Last Week’s Workouts Recap (12/29-1/4)

Last Week'sWorkouts12-29-1-4It’s been an okay week. I still wasn’t feeling that great during the week and still have a cough, but I still got the Runner’s World Streak done. I’ve also started half marathon training for the NYC Half in March. Here’s what I did:

Monday – Had my last run with my sister while at my parent’s place. We ran a mile for day 33 of the Runner’s World Streak.

Tuesday – Ran three miles. It was a nice but cold day out.

Wednesday – Back home and had to run on the dreadmill since hubby went back to work./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/77e/68168024/files/2015/01/img_1748.jpg

Thursday – Ran two miles for the official last day of the Runner’s World Run Streak./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/77e/68168024/files/2015/01/img_1769.jpg

Friday – I ran three miles so continued one extra day of the Run Streak. I finished my first ever run streak and thought it was a fun experience. I can say I streaked for 37 days now. 😛/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/77e/68168024/files/2015/01/img_1795.jpg

Here’s the Official Runner’s World Streak Finisher’s Badge.

Saturday – Rest day.

Sunday – Ran 7.5 miles.

How’d your week go? Here’s to a great week ahead! 🙂

Last Week’s Workouts Recap (12/22-12/28)

This past week started off great! It was Christmas vacation time and we travelled up to my parent’s place to spend the Holidays. It was nice because I got to workout and run with my sister from New Jersey who also came for the Holidays. I continued with the Runner’s World Run Streak but felt sick the last couple of days. Here’s how my week went:

Monday – Ran a mile with my sis for day 26 of the #RWRunStreak and then we all tried Insanity Max:30 Cardio for the first time. That was fun! I maxed out at 16:27.








Tuesday – I had a nice three mile run with my sis. It’s nice to have someone run with you. Not just for the awesome company but because they can take your pic while running. 🙂
Wednesday – Had a great Christmas Eve run, and ran five miles!


Thursday – I continued the streak and ran a mile on Christmas with my sis.


Friday – I just ran a mile to continue the streak./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/77e/68168024/files/2014/12/img_1633.jpg

Saturday – I woke up with a headache and ran a mile again to continue the streak./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/77e/68168024/files/2014/12/img_1652.jpg

Sunday, I felt a bit worse but wanted to try to run five miles. I was breathing heavily after the first mile and decided that was not going to happen so I decided to do three miles. I’m hoping whatever I have is gone soon. I’m coughing and still have a little headache. Something is going around because my husband and son had fevers as well as one of my sister’s kids. My temp was a little elevated but luckily not that hot. Hopefully everyone feels better tomorrow. I’m almost done with the run streak. Day 32 of 36 day done!

How’d your week go? Hope you have a great week ahead and a happy 2015!!

Last Week’s Workout Recap (12/8-12/14)

It was another pretty good week! I’m still doing the Runner’s World Run Streak and I’m also continuing with Insanity the Asylum. I’m almost finished with it…woohoo :). It’s a tough program but I can feel myself getting stronger. After Asylum, I’ll be starting Insanity Max: 30 and training for a half marathon. We’ll see how that goes.

Monday started off with a three mile run, day 12 of the running streak. Afterwards I did Insanity the Asylum Back to Core with my hubby.







On Tuesday, I had a good five mile run. After my run I noticed an email alert that my credit card got charged from NY Road Runners….I realized I got into the NYC half!! I was surprised and happy!! I’m so excited because my sister got in too!! 🙂 It should be a fun one.


On Wednesday, I ran a mile for day 14 of the #RWRunStreak and then did day 23 of Insanity the Asylum – Speed & Agility.







On Thursday, I started off with Insanity the Asylum Strength and then ran 2 miles after dropping my youngest to Preschool.








Friday – I ran a mile on the treadmill and then did Game Day + Overtime. I hate how that one is so long.


Saturday – I ran a mile on the treadmill again and then did Asylum Vertical Plyo. This one’s so tough, but I do what I can.


Sunday – I ran two miles. I’m on day 18 of the run streak. I also am on day 27 of Insanity the Asylum and did Back to Core. I only have two more workouts left and I’ll be done with that program!! I’m excited to try Insanity Max: 30.


How’d your week go? Hope you have a fun and productive week!

Last Week’s Workout Recap (12/1-12/7)

I think I had a great week of workouts. I was still in Colorado Springs until Tuesday and got in my runs for the Runner’s World Run Streak. I will miss running at such a beautiful place! It was so cool to be close to Garden of the Gods! I then continued with the Insanity the Asylum workouts.

On Monday, I ran 1.05 mi for day 5 of the #RWRunStreak! It was 14 deg F out and lightly snowing. That didn’t stop me. It was nice to do a quick run at Garden of the Gods!

I couldn’t pass up another opportunity to run at Garden of the Gods. I ran with my Brother-in-law and a got a 2nd run in. As you can see from the pic, the snow didn’t stick around long.


Tuesday was my last day in Colorado Springs. I had another nice run at Garden of the Gods. The hills are tough but the views are amazing!IMG_0674.JPG

Wednesday – Back home and continuing where I left off. I did Day 16 of Insanity the Asylum – Vertical Plyo. Had a great sweat session!

I also got my two miles in for the Run Streak.

On Thursday, I ran a mile and then had a great strength workout!


Friday – I ran a mile for the Run Streak and then did Asylum Relief. It’s a great stretch routine.

On Saturday, I ran my mile and did Asylum Vertical Plyo. This one really makes me sweat. Check out my lil guy, he can jump. 🙂

Sunday – I ran my mile. It’s day 11 for the Runner’s World Run Streak. I know I’m not running that far but a mile is a mile and I’m still streaking. 🙂day11rwstreakI also did Asylum Game Day and Overtime. Oh my! Both of those tough, especially Overtime which I somewhat did. I was so pooped I was watching most of it. It has some killer moves. But I got my sweat on!gameday

How’d your week go? Hope you have a great week!

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Last Week’s Workouts Recap (11/24-11/30)

I did one Insanity the Asylum workout this week which put me halfway through the program. I put it on hold until we get back from Thanksgiving break. But I think I had a great week for being on vacation. I started the Runner’s World run streak. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s day, I will run at least a mile a day everyday.


On Monday, I did Day 15 of the Insanity the Asylum, Speed & Agility with the hubby. I had a great workout and was dripping sweat at the end of it!IMG_0254.JPG

Tuesday was a rest day. I was traveling most of the day.

On Wednesday, we went hiking at Red Rock Canyon. It’s such a beautiful place!

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, I started the Runner’s World Run Streak.  I ran with my Sister-in-law and Brother-in-law at Garden of the Gods. It’s so awesome that they live so close and we can just run there! It was a tough run with hills, but a great workout.


Friday we started the day off hiking at Stratton Open Space.IMG_0364.JPGThen I ran 2.87 miles with my Sister-in-law to get day 2 of the streak done. We passed by deer while running. It’s amazing how the deer don’t run off when they see people. Look how close I am. If you look closely in the back, there’s more deer.

On Saturday, I ran with my Sister-in-law to Garden of the Gods and did a nice 2.12 mile loop.


On Sunday, I had another great run with my Sister-in-law.

Afterwards we went hiking at Red Rock Canyon again. I think I will be doing another post with more pictures from Red Rock Canyon and Stratton. They are great places to hike.


It was nice to get workouts in while on vacation, especially because of all the food I ate. 🙂 How’d your week go?

I’m linking up with this week’s Workout Wednesday (WOW) Link Up!

Brought to you by hostesses Diatta Harris | Femme Fitale Fit Club and Sheila Simmons | The Frugal Exerciser and co-hostesses: Amanda | Eat Hard Work Hard and Heather | Divas Run For Bling.

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