Vernonia Marathon Training Week 14 and Weekly Wrap (3/26-4/1)

Last week was a fun week since we went on vacation to Orlando and I managed to get my workouts in. I can’t believe there’s just two more weeks until I run the Vernonia Marathon. It’s so close and I’m getting excited. Here’s what I did from Coach Dawn’s plan:IMG_2686Monday – Plan: Easy 5 w/ 5 x strides 10-15 seconds.
If you can get to a hill, or if on a treadmill, do 5 x 10 second hill sprints after warm up. Recovery around 2 min.
Actual: I got this done on the treadmill at the hotel while the kiddos and hubby went to the pool. I did the 5×10 sec sprints at 8% incline. Easy was ~6.6 mph at 1%. Felt fine overall. Wish there were fans on the treadmills here though…got hot quick.

Tuesday- Plan: Rest day. You can flip the 27th and 28th if you would rather do the ladder here and rest the 28th.
Actual: Rest day. Yay!IMG_2866Wednesday – Plan: 15 minutes easy
then 1-2-3-2-1-3 minutes fast with equal recovery
10-15 minutes easy

Actual: My legs were a little tired from doing a lot of walking the day before but got it done in the morning. Got in some drills afterwards.IMG_3022Thursday – Plan: 1 mile easy
5-6 miles 8:20-30

Actual: It was so much warmer than what I’m used to so it was a little harder but felt fine overall. I also did some drills afterwards.IMG_3080Friday – Plan: Easy 4-5 or rest. You can do this run here, or on Sunday, and then take Monday off. (if you run Sunday)
Last mile moderate pace.

Actual: Back in Oregon and ran 4 miles easy and 1 mile at moderate pace. Also, did a little core work afterwards.IMG_3131Saturday – Plan: Forest Park or Vernonia course
Pace target- 8:45 ish, adjusting it to effort level on hills. 
Actual: I decided to run on the Vernonia course again. Felt great except on the really steep part at Tophill but other than that, it was an awesome run. elevationAccording to Strava there was 630 ft elevation gain. I took two scoops of UCAN and had my usual nuun to hydrate during the run.

Sunday –  Plan: Rest day.
Actual: Rest day.

Total miles = 35.91 miles. It was another great week. It was a little hard to run on vacation but I did it. 🙂 Things worked out well and I had a great 14 miler on Saturday. So thankful I’m feeling good and strong. Gotta thank Coach Dawn for helping me get to where I am! I also ran a good amount of March miles. IMG_3137This cycle was more about quality, not quantity but still seems like a lot of miles. I’m happy about how well this cycle has gone. Just two more weeks to go. 🙂

As for highlights of the rest of the week:IMG_2684I had fun going to all the Universal Studios’ Parks. We went to all three: Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay. There was tons to do and the boys had a blast.IMG_2775My favorite ride was Escape From Gringotts. I just loved the Harry Potter areas. Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade were awesome to visit.IMG_2932My two wizards had so much fun.IMG_2238I liked how they had a Mardi Gras parade. We got a lot of beads.IMG_2476Volcano Bay is their new water park. I enjoyed the wave pool and lazy river.IMG_9378I’ll end with Giordano’s pizza…so good deep dish pizza. I was surprised they had one in Orlando. The only other time I’ve had it was when I went to Chicago for the Chicago Marathon.

That pretty much wraps up my week. How’d your week go? Any races coming up?

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and Wendy of Taking the Long Way Home  for the Weekly Wrap.

18 thoughts on “Vernonia Marathon Training Week 14 and Weekly Wrap (3/26-4/1)

  1. Great job getting in your workouts while on vacation! Looks like you had a strong week of running. And nice job with your March mileage!


  2. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face over that pizza . . .

    That’s great that you were able to keep up your training while on vacation. Can’t be easy with the kiddos. It’s not too bad for me since I’m up earlier than my husband. 🙂

    Holy hills, though!


  3. Great work! It has to be a huge mental help to be able to practice training on the marathon course! Universal is definitely one of my favorite parks, we always have fun!


  4. Another great week! I’m excited for your marathon too! Looks like a fun time at Universal! I’ll be running RNR SF and will miss you because I remember how much fun it was running with you last year!


  5. Nice job with the training while on vacation! It’s been a few years since we’ve been to Universal. I have not heard of Volcano Bay. It’s looks like you had a blast with the family. Thanks for linking!


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