Vernonia Marathon Training Week 2 and Weekly Wrap (1/1-1/7)

Hope everyone has had a great start to the new year! Mine, not so much. I ended up feeling sick on Tuesday and I thought I was better on Wednesday but it just got worse. So I ended up taking some much needed rest. Here’s what I did from Coach Dawn’s plan:

IMG_1111Monday – Plan: Easy 5 + 4 x strides after 2.5 miles
+ 4 x drills 2 sets each
Actual: Ran 5 miles with 4x strides after 2.5 miles on New Year’s day, avg. pace 9:02. Also, got the drills in.IMG_5225Tuesday- Plan: 5 easy miles
Actual: Ran 5 early miles, avg. pace 9:08.photoWednesday – Plan: Easy 5-6
Actual: I wasn’t feeling well Tuesday afternoon. I had a headache and congestion. Slept in and didn’t get the 5-6 miles but felt better. Got in 3.02 miles before work, avg. pace 9:23.

Thursday – Plan: 15 minutes easy
8 x 45 seconds fast/2:15 easy
Then stop and do drills- 5 drills- with 2 lateral drills. 2 sets each.
15-20 minutes easy
After run-
Jay Johnson video 1.
Actual: Rest day. Felt horrible and sick. Seemed to be worse after work Wednesday.

Friday – Plan: Easy 5
Actual: Rest day. Still sick and coughing a lot.IMG_1142Saturday – Plan: 2 miles easy + 4 x strides after 1.5 miles and going into the next set if needed
5 miles 8:55-9:10
5 miles 8:45-55
Actual: Ran easy for an hour and ended up with 6.45 miles, avg. pace 9:17. Felt a lot better.

Sunday –  Plan: Rest day.
Actual: Rest day.

Total miles = 19.47 miles. Not the way I wanted to start the new year but oh wells. There’s not much I can do when sick. I am feeling better now so I hope tomorrow’s run goes well. Here’s to a better week ahead!

How’d your week go? Any races coming up?

I finally got to my 2017 Year In Review. Hope you check it out.

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and Wendy of Taking the Long Way Home  for the Weekly Wrap.

16 thoughts on “Vernonia Marathon Training Week 2 and Weekly Wrap (1/1-1/7)

  1. Glad you are feeling better! It is so frustrating when you get sick and are busy trying to train for a marathon! I was an Altra Ambassador last year too.. did you make the Red Team this year? I didn’t and have to admit I am a little sad about it.


  2. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t feel well last week. But, look at it this way. You got it out of the way super early in your marathon training cycle and can now get back to business! Hope you have a great week. Thanks for linking!


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