CIM Training Week 20 and Weekly Wrap (11/27-12/3)

I’m finally getting to my weekly workouts recap. Last week was race week and the California International Marathon was a good, well organized race that kicked my butt lol. It was a tough one with all the rolling hills. But more on that later. Here’s what last week’s workouts looked like from Coach Dawn‘s plan:IMG_0319 (1)Monday – Plan: 4 easy at recovery pace with a couple strides at the end.
Actual: Ran 4 miles with a couple of strides, avg. pace 9:36.IMG_0325Tuesday- Plan: 15 minutes easy
30 minutes- 8:05-8:10 + add in a couple strides in the middle
15 minutes easy
+ 5 minutes core.

Actual: Ran it as planned and felt pretty good. 30 min splits were 8:05, 8:03, 8:03, 8:01. Ended up with 6.94 miles, avg. pace 8:39 and did a little core work afterwards.

Wednesday – Plan: Rest day.
Actual: Rest day.001 (18)Thursday – Plan: Easy 5.
Actual: Ran an easy 5.01 miles, avg. pace 9:18.IMG_0396 2Friday – Plan: 4 miles easy w/ 2-3 strides 10-15 seconds
Actual: Last run before the race. Ran 4.0 miles, avg. pace 9:13.

Saturday – Plan: Rest day.
Actual: Rest day.

Sunday –  Plan: Race day – CIM!
Actual: Ran the California International Marathon! According to my Garmin, I ran 26.32 miles, 3:45:35, avg. pace 8:34. Official time was 3:45:32.001I’ll have a recap up later. I’m a little disappointed. I didn’t get my goal time and I walked some at the end. My calves were tight, legs were heavy and I just lost the mental battle and just couldn’t go anymore so I walked… But I shouldn’t complain. I finished. 🙂 Big thanks to Coach Dawn who coached me! I still got a great time.

Total miles = 46.27 miles. I still had a terrific weekend overall. It was great to travel to Sacramento, meet new friends, and spend time with my sister.IMG_0406On the plane with Shannon and Mariah.

My sister picked us up from the airport. We had lunch at Chipotle and then headed to the Expo to pick up our bibs.
IMG_0417IMG_0423IMG_0435It was quick to get my bib and long sleeve zip up shirt. It was a nice decent sized expo with a good amount of booths from a lot of different races and vendors.

I’ll leave race day stuff on my recap but here’s my sister and I sporting our long sleeve shirts that we got from the race. We went walking after the race while my nephew had soccer practice.IMG_0534How’d your week go? Any races coming up?

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.

6 thoughts on “CIM Training Week 20 and Weekly Wrap (11/27-12/3)

  1. Congratulations on another marathon finish. I know you weren’t happy with your time, but you should be very proud of what you accomplished. Rolling hills are no joke! Thanks for linking.


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