2017 Oregon Fall Half Marathon Recap

It was nice to get the opportunity to pace the 2:15 group at the Oregon Fall Half Marathon. The race took place in Canby, OR and started at St. Josef’s Winery. This is the same place it was held when I raced it last year. Check out this fantastic group of pacers:

Photo Credit: Uberthons

It was a good day for a race. My Garmin said it was 64 *F but it seemed cooler, maybe because it was a cloudy morning. Here’s a pre race pic with Amy, who I paced the 2:15 group with for the first time:IMG_8494I’d say there was a good turn out. Not only was there a half marathon race but there were 5k and Quarter marathon races offered as well. Here’s a pic at the start. IMG_8492.jpgThe race began at 8 am and started off nicely. Here are pics I took along the course:IMG_8496It really was a cloudy day which was good because it was better than having the sun out blaring.IMG_8500The course is a great, with lots to look at passing by farms and vineyards.IMG_8502IMG_8503IMG_8505I wouldn’t say this was a flat course since there are rolling hills and a decent hill at the end. My Garmin had me gaining 292 ft of elevation.IMG_8509Cold towels were handed out since it was warm out. It was a great bonus.
IMG_8514You can see the hill coming up in the bottom pic.IMG_8520Seeing the St. Josef’s Winery sign, means the finish line is close.
IMG_8525Towards the end, Amy and I were a little ahead of time so we waited a little to run someone in. It’s always fun to pace and encourage people in the race. My official time ended up being 2:15:03.
IMG_8529It was another great race put on by Uberthons. Post race food was delicious, Qdoba, mexican food. I didn’t take a pic of the food spread but it was great. IMG_8534 2Pic with my friend, Mariah at the cool magazine type backdrop. IMG_8571It was also great to meet @sassyrookierunner from Instagram.IMG_8591Love the huge medal.

I don’t have any races planned until CIM. What’s your next race?


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