Vernonia Marathon Training Week 20 and Weekly Wrap (4/3-4-9)

Last week was the final week of marathon training and oh my! It ended awesome! The Vernonia Marathon was on Sunday. But first, here’s what I did from Coach Dawn’s plan:

Monday – Plan: Rest day.
Actual: Rest day.

Tuesday – Plan: 1 mile easy (9:33)
2 miles at 8:25-35 (add in 4 x 30 second strides after first mile) (8:16, 8:23)
1 mile easy (9:22)
1 mile at 8:05-8:15 (8:06)
1 mile at 8:25-35 (8:23)
Actual: This was my last speed workout before the marathon and felt great. I put in my paces above in parenthesis.001 (1)Wednesday – Plan: 4-5 miles easy/recovery pace with 3 x strides.
Actual: Ran a nice 5.01 miles with strides.001 (22)Thursday – Plan: 4 miles at recovery pace.
Actual: Ran 4.0 rainy recovery miles.001 (23)Friday – Plan: 3-4 miles easy with a few strides. Strides at about 75%, not as fast as your normal strides.
Actual: It was very windy in the morning and we even lost power. It died down and I was able to squeeze in an easy 3 miles with strides before the kiddos got home from school.001 (24)Saturday – Plan: Rest day.
Actual: Rest day.

Sunday – Plan: Vernonia Marathon.
Actual: Wow! I had an awesome race! I can’t believe it…I got a 16 min and 35 sec PR and a BQ! Crazy, crazy, crazy! I kept saying that yesterday and my kids kept wondering why I kept saying it, lol. I’m still amazed. I didn’t know that your BQ depends on your age of the Boston race day. So in April 2018, I’ll be 40, I can go by the 40-44 group, which would be 3:45 to qualify. My official time was 3:42:39. 🙂 The Vernonia Marathon is a fast course with a good downhill portion. Stay tuned for the recap. IMG_3716IMG_3712That’s a pic of 2 BQer’s right there! 🙂 Congrats to my amazing friend, Angie, who ran her first full marathon with a time of 3:35:35!!

Total miles = 44.21 miles. What an awesome way to end the week! So thankful for having such a great race. All that training has definitely paid off. Big shout out and thanks to my run coach, Coach Dawn!!

As for other highlights of the week:

On Wednesday, I chaperoned my 8 year old’s field trip to the zoo. They were to focus on structures and how they’d build their own zoo.IMG_3549Thursday night we went to the kids STEAM fair at school. They had a Taiko drumming performance that was pretty cool. IMG_3574Always fun to see the kiddos work that is on the walls in the hallway.

On Saturday we ended up watching Boss Baby, while waiting for my iPhone screen to get repaired. It was cracked during the vacation in Cali. The movie was actually better than I expected.2017-04-10It was a fantastic week! Have you seen any good movies lately? Any races coming up?

My recap is up from the Rock’n’Roll San Franciscio Half Marathon if you’d like to check it out here.

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.WeeklyWrap

14 thoughts on “Vernonia Marathon Training Week 20 and Weekly Wrap (4/3-4-9)

  1. Totally awesome BQ!!!! Not that it would make any difference for me but I did not know that it was based on your age at the time of the race. That’s good to know though.
    If I did this you’d have to duct tape my mouth I’d say it so much!
    Super congrats to you!!! Your going to Boston!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Huge congrats on the BQ! I could tell by the way your training was going that a BQ was in the cards. So SO happy for you. Can’t wait for the race report


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