2017 Chocolatathon 10k Race Recap

This was the first time I ran the Chocolatathon race which is put on by Uberthons. There was a 5k option but I opted for the 10k since my run coach suggested dates that I could race a 10k which fell on the weekend of February 11. The race took place at Cook Park, OR which is a pretty nice park. I had gone there with the kiddos last Summer where they had fun playing on the playground and walking the trails to hunt Pokemon. This was a loop course with the 5k being one loop, so I had to run two loops for the 10k.screen-shot-2017-02-18-at-4-37-31-pmThe race was scheduled to start at 8:45 am. It was a bit cold at 39 deg F. but wasn’t bad for a race day in February. I was glad that it wasn’t raining. Here’s a pic of me in front of the start line.fullsizerender-15Here’s a pic of some of the runners waiting for the race to start.
fullsizerender-7The race started a little after 8:45 am. They wanted the faster runners in the front. They do a stagger start which is nice. They wait a few minutes after the first group of runners go, somewhat like having corrals in the big races, and then let the next group go and so on.

Here are some pics I took along the course:

fullsizerender-9The path is a bit narrow since the course is mostly on paved park trail paths. I took these pics on the first loop. When I did the second loop it was tougher because there was more people on the path and I had to weave through some.
fullsizerender-11The course was fairly flat except for the hill around the first mile and then since I had to run another loop, the hill was back again on mile 4.1. I thought it was pretty steep, but I managed.img_1586I felt pretty good especially in the first half. I wanted to stay in the 7:40ish range for each mile and I think I did pretty good at pacing. It was tough when I came back up to the hill but just kept pushing it.

My Garmin had me at 6.35 miles, duration – 49:09, and pace – 7:45. Official time was 49:04. Not a PR, but I think the course I PR’d on was short. I’m very happy with my time. 🙂

One of things I really like about Uberthons races is how you can print out your official time after you finish.fullsizerender-13I managed to get first in my age group and 3rd overall female. Funny thing is I didn’t even know I got 3rd overall until a friend messaged me and I checked the results after the event. I thought I got an age group place but not overall place. I was pretty amazed. But I did miss out on the huge medal you get for getting an overall place. 😦

Rank Overall: 6 of 112
Rank Gender: 3 of 84
Rank Age Group: 1 of 13
Rank Age Gender: 1 of 11

fullsizerender-10It is a small race but I’ll take it. 🙂 Looking at the results, there were 112 runners that ran the 10k and 345 runners that ran the 5k, so 457 total runners. So many more 5k’ers. Not bad for the course that it was, since it was a narrow path to run.

Post race there was a hot chocolate bar and cheesecake. Gotta have chocolate at the Chocolatathon. There was also water, chocolate milk and yogurt.

fullsizerender-8fullsizerender-17I thought it was a nice day for a race and am happy with how I did. Uberthons put on another great race. I’m looking forward to pacing their half marathons again. I also love their medals! The cupid spins.img_1584Do you have any races coming up?

8 thoughts on “2017 Chocolatathon 10k Race Recap

  1. What a brilliant race!! I saw that we were a similar age and both have two small kids, so I was drawn to your blog! But then I saw your time, and I thought “I still have a looong way to go!” My next 10k race is on Saturday and I will be happy with a 1:25 hr time. LOL! I will take it step by step 🙂


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