Friday Five: My Fitness Goals for 2017

Happy Friday! I’m late on posting my fitness goals for 2017, but better late than never, right? I’ve had goals in mind but I’ll make it official on the blog. Here are my five goals for 2017:

  1. PR in the marathon, or any distance. I’m currently training for my third marathon. I would love to get personal records in any distance. ChasingPRs.PNG
  2. Continue my PlankADay streak for the rest of the year. I’m currently on day 11. I hope to do at least a minute of planking every day. I’ve done this before but would like to do it for the whole year. It’s only at least a minute of my day. I’ll be posting my plank to Twitter. Sounds simple right? Who wants to join in?
  3. Do more cross training. This is hard with marathon training because it seems there’s never enough time to get it all in. But I want to try to get in more strength training or yoga throughout the year. I know cross training has made me a stronger runner.img_3157
  4. Eat healthier. My eating habits always need work. I need to minimize eating out and eat more veggies.cook-smarts-veggie-prep
  5. Run more miles than 2016. I ran 1341 miles last year which is the most I’ve ever ran. I’ll aim for 1400 miles this year.runmore

Have you made your goals for 2017?

I’m linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!Friday Five Linkup 2.0

14 thoughts on “Friday Five: My Fitness Goals for 2017

  1. These sound like great goals! The planking one is especially impressive. Im not sure I would be able to remember to do something like that every day!


  2. Great goals! I would love to PR in my half marathon time but would also take any distance! 🙂 Hope the plankaday goes well! I always seem to forget until it’s late at night to do it. :p


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