Vernonia Marathon Training Week 6 and Weekly Wrap (12/26-1/1)

Happy 2017! It was week six of marathon training and it was a cut back week thanks to my running coach. She switched things around since I was on vacation which worked out nicely. All of last week’s runs were done north of Seattle with the exception of last Saturday’s run. Here’s what last week looked like from Coach Dawn’s plan:

Monday – Plan: Just run comfortable, add a few strides after 2 miles. Can do 3-5 miles depending on how you want to work the #’s this week. Weekly target around 28-31 miles. Actual: Ran 4.0 miles and did a few strides, average pace 9:47. 001-1Tuesday – Plan: 15 minute warm up, then do 10 x 30 seconds fast with 2 minute recoveries.
15 minute cool down- or until you get to 5-6 miles. No paces on the 30s, just run fast. Actual: I did the workout as planned and ended up with 6.08 miles, avg pace 9:03. The 10 intervals were tough especially at the end. 001-2I did get to run with my nephew for the warm up. So cool that he likes to run! 🙂 We did play some Pokemon Go on the run and caught a Santa Pikachu.

Wednesday – Plan: Rest day. Actual: Rest day.

Thursday – Plan: 6-7 miles at 8:40-8:50. Actual: Ran 6.02 miles, average pace was 8:37. I felt fine going a little faster. For some reason my Garmin told me I was going slow at some parts but I was really going fast. It did feel faster but was manageable.001-4Friday – Plan: 3-4 miles at recovery pace.
Try to get some drills and strides in here.
Would rather you run 3 and have time for the drills if you are short on time.
Strides after 10 minute warm up. You can do the drills mid run also if you would like.
3 or 4 drills. Actual: I had to split this one up due to a child care issue. I ran 2.12 miles with some strides after 10 minutes on the Burke Gilman trail and ran the rest near my brother’s house. I did get in drills after the last mile.001-5Saturday – Plan: 9-10 miles with last mile 8:20-8:35. Actual: I ran 10 miles, average pace was 9:01. The last mile average pace was 8:17. I felt pretty good on this one.001-6Sunday – Plan: Rest day. Actual: Rest day.

Total miles = 29.22 miles. It was a nice cut back week. I got within the weekly target of 28-31, so that’s good. I had a great time running with my sister and the change of scenery on the Burke Gilman trail was wonderful.

December ended up being a pretty good month. I got some major miles in, 151.8 miles which is a lot for me. img_0461

Since we were on vacation, it was a busy and fun filled week. Here are some of the highlights:

We went to downtown Seattle and saw the Harry Potter Gingerbread themed village at the Sheraton Hotel. We did have to wait in line for an hour though. But it was neat to see.

We saw the movie, Sing. It was pretty good and the kiddos enjoyed it.img_0331We went to Bellevue park and played Pokemon Go. We actually caught a rare one since none of us had caught an Aerodactyl before.img_0333The kiddos had fun at a trampoline/play place called Elevated Sportz in Bothell.

It was great catching up with friends.

Something really cool…was that I found out I was chosen to be an Altra Ambassador for 2017. I’m so excited and honored to be part of this amazing group. Love their shoes!!img_0341

Well, hope everyone has a Happy New Year! Here’s to happy running, PR’s and a fun filled injury free 2017!img_0469I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.WeeklyWrap

13 thoughts on “Vernonia Marathon Training Week 6 and Weekly Wrap (12/26-1/1)

  1. Wow, 151 miles? That’s crazy! Great job! And congrats on that ambassadorship. I’ve heard great things about Altras. I’ve never tried them, tho.

    One of my patients told me about the Santa Pikachu. I may need to start playing again!


  2. Congrats on the Altra Ambassadorship! The Burke Gilman Trail looks like a lovely place to run. I would definitely enjoy the change of scenery. The gingerbread village based on Harry Potter is so cool. It must really have been popular if you waited in line for an hour. It was wonderful your were able to spend time with your family during the holidays and share some runs with Sharon too. The kids always look like they are having so much fun together. Thanks for linking, Sherry. Happy New Year!


  3. Again, congrats on your ambassadorship!!! I’ve had one pair of Altra shoes but it was more to walk around and not for running.

    And I LOVE seeing all of your pictures. Each time I tell myself to capture something similar but then I forget.

    You are doing so well on your training!


  4. Whoa I ran 3 back to back half’s in December and didn’t come close to your mileage for the month!
    I have a question, Once you get your workouts you plug them into your Garmin right? That’s what I did with Holly. We always had distances in my intervals but I think using the times would change it up a bit. I do like that you have options as far as miles and all. If I had options I wonder if I wouldn’t push myself?? Anyway neat to see what others do! Working with your coach is really working out for you too!
    Congratulations to you on the ambassadorship as well! It’s always nice to be a part of something you love!


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