Last Week’s Workouts Recap and Weekly Wrap (11/14-11/20)

Well, this was my last week of free/unscheduled workouts. I’ll be starting marathon training for my 3rd marathon on Monday. I’m a bit excited and nervous about training since I’ll be training during the winter. Hopefully the weather won’t interfere with being to able run outside. But I guess there’s always the dreadmill… Anyways, here’s what I did last week:

Monday – Started with 22 Min Hard Corps Cardio 1 with hubby.
Then ran 3.01 miles.Tuesday – We did a strength workout, 22 Min Hard Corps Resistance 1.Afterwards I ran 4.01 miles.Wednesday – Had a good cardio workout with hubby, 22 Min Hard Corps Cardio 2.A little later on, after watching the kiddos go on the bus, I ran 5 miles. I ran through a nearby park.
Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – Ran a nice 4.81 miles.Saturday – Saturday is my long run day. I ended up running 7.90 miles.
Sunday – Rest day.

Total miles= 24.73 miles. It was a great week of workouts and runs. I can’t believe I’m starting marathon training again. Hopefully things go well. I’ll be working with Coach Dawn again. So great to have a coach!

As for the rest of the week, nothing too exciting. But I just found out as I was doing this post that I reached my 3 GB upload limit, so I can’t upload pics anymore. I need to decide what to do…hrmm. Where do you blog at? Any limits on uploads? I was going to upload a pic of the Pikachu I caught playing Pokemon Go on one of my runs lol. Anyone else still playing Pokemon Go? We also went to the park a few times.

How was your week? I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.


11 thoughts on “Last Week’s Workouts Recap and Weekly Wrap (11/14-11/20)

  1. I’m about halfway through my uploads — I’ll have to think about moving it to paid at some point. I’ve heard that can be difficult. Shudders.

    I’m also LOL at the fact that your “free” week had more miles run than I’ve run one week all year long! I like to get up to about there, but it didn’t happen this year because life got in the way. 😦


  2. Sorry to hear about the 3gb upload limit! I’m also at Blogger and love it! Told ya you should have used blogger! :p What was the new Pokemon you caught? We are still a Pokemon Go family and the kiddos are anxiously waiting for gen 2 to roll out. 🙂


  3. That’s a great week of workouts! Now that I’m entering my downtime, I’d really like to work on more strength training. I had some issues with uploading photos on WordPress but then somehow the upload limit increased, not sure how though!


  4. I didn’t know there was such a thing as upload limits. I’m still oldschool — on Blogger. I just wish they’d enhance their commenting engine. Hooray for a new marathon training cycle. I know you’ll do very well (again!) working with Coach Dawn. Thanks for linking, Sherry!


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