Last Week of Training for Shamrock Run Portland Half Marathon – Workouts Recap & Weekly Wrap (3/7-3/13)

My last week of training for the Shamrock Run Portland Half Marathon went well. I even got in a few extra short runs with my 5 yr old. Here’s what I did:

  • Monday – Had a great workout with the hubby and did Insanity Max:30 Tabata Power.
  • Tuesday – Ran 3 early miles.
  • Wednesday – Ran 5 miles.
  • Thursday – My 5 yr old wanted to go run so we ended up running a mile.
  • Friday – My 5 yr old wanted to run again so we ran a mile before preschool. After I dropped him off, I ran 3 more miles.
  • Saturday – Rest Day.
  • Sunday was the big day, my first half marathon of the year. I ran the Shamrock Run Portland Half Marathon. Recap coming soon.

Here’s my post race meal from Red Robin: 

The Corner Bakery Cafe just opened up near us and so we decided to give it a try for dinner. I liked the Chicken Pomodori panini sandwich. 

Nothing too exciting went on besides the race. But I’m so happy my 5 yr old has started running again. We had run before maybe twice last year and then stopped. But out of the blue he wanted to run. So I think it’s cool! Hope it lasts.

I like how they’re still active by going to martial arts. I took some pics on Wednesday:

My little guy jumping high.  My 7 yr old sparring.

They also had fun dancing this weekend. They asked me to video them lol.

This video doesn’t exist

How’d your week go? Any races coming up?

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I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.

25 thoughts on “Last Week of Training for Shamrock Run Portland Half Marathon – Workouts Recap & Weekly Wrap (3/7-3/13)

  1. That’s so cute and awesome that your five year old requests to go for a run with you! Even if he decides later on that running isn’t his thing and there are other activities he prefers, you’re instilling an active lifestyle in him early. All of that food looks delicious! I am about an hour and a half late for lunch, haha.


  2. Lol what a great video of the kids dancing! What camera did you use? It looks so crisp and clear! Awesome job on your half marathon too! You have improved so much!


  3. How great that your son asks to run! I hope my kiddos are like that one day!

    I have a 5K coming up on the 26th that I’m pretty excited about. I’m trying to PR & go sub25 which is a big goal of mine & I think I can do it.


  4. OMG!!! check out their moves!!!! Sign me up for dance lessons!!

    Great pictures. Is that an app that put the distance and pace on your pictures….that is cool.

    Look at your son jumping and kicking…how awesome!

    Way to go on your race!!


  5. I love running with my kids. They usually join me in the summer, because during the school year I go running while they are all in school. I love the photo of you and you son running together.


  6. Oh my goodness your boys have got mad moves!! I love it – great video! You had such a great race! What a great time. All you great workouts are certainly paying off. Great action shots of the boys doing their martial arts. Glad your little one is back to running again!


  7. Your boys have skills! They are so cute in that video. It’s great the 5 year old wants to run again. He’s been watching his Mommy! You had an incredible half marathon pace! Congratulations. I look forward to your recap. I like the medal. It looks huge. Thanks for linking with us Sherry.


  8. Wow I think the running bug has bit him! A mile before preschool is quite impressive too! Congratulation on your half! That is a great medal does it double as something else like bottle opener or something? It’s cool looking for sure! Look forward to the recap! Thank you for linking!


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