New Blog Name, New Facebook Page

For those who have been following my blog regularly, you’ve probably noticed my new name, Happy Running Mom. I felt like I needed a new name since I didn’t really like my previous one that much anymore, Stay Healthy n Fit 4 You. I kind of just came up with that one too fast and just went with it. I think this name fits me better since I’m a happy running mom :). I’ve gotten so much more into running. I was able to change my name on Twitter and this blog fairly easy. On Instagram, happyrunningmom was already taken so I’m happyrunningmom1. On the other hand, I wasn’t able to change my username on Facebook. So I’ve started a new Facebook page so that the web address is If you’d like to see my Facebook content, be sure to click Like on the page so you can see my posts. 🙂 Thanks!!

What do you think about my new name? If you have a blog, have you thought about changing it? Hope you have a great rest of the week!!

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