Friday Five: What I Love About Spring

TITLE (11)Happy Friday! After last week’s busy week in New Jersey and NYC for the NYC Half Marathon last Sunday, things have gone back to normal. I am linking up once again with Eat Pray Run DCYou Signed Up for What?! and Mar on the Run for their Friday Five Linkup. This week’s theme is “Spring”. Here are five things I love about Spring:

1. The weather is usually great during the Spring for running. It’s not too hot or too cold.

2. Love the flowers blossoming in the spring.

3. Love that it stays light out longer. 

4. My birthday occurs in Spring. The pic below was from last year. 🙂

5. Spring Break. This was a lot nicer when I was in School, but my kiddo’s Spring Break is next week so it will be a great time to have some fun before I start work again in April.
What do you love about Spring? Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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