Mommathon 5k Race and Fitness Festival Recap

The inaugural Mommathon 5k 10k Fitness Festival seemed to be a great success. My local Moms Run This Town group ran the event with timing by Uberthons. According to the results page there were 320 participants, 225 did the 5k and 95 did the 10k race. I opted for the 5k race since I felt it fit my half training schedule better for the NYC Half in two weeks.

We got to Liberty High School around 8:35 am. I still had to pick up my packet with my bib and it was easy to find the area to pick up. It was right at the middle section of the field and pickup went smoothly. It was a beautiful sunny day but still cold to me, I think it was about 45 deg. I wore my Simple Hydration Run Team shirt and hat. Here’s a pic pre race. IMG_3088

It was nice that there was a yoga warmup before the race. Here are some yoga pics.

20150228_084840 20150228_084828












The 10k race was scheduled to start at 9 am and the 5k at 9:15 am. According to my Strava data, I started the 5k at 9:17 am. I had a snafu with my Garmin watch. I thought I started it when I crossed the start line but now that I think about it, I remember it showing the power save mode warning. I thought it would still start but I was wrong. I don’t have any Garmin data but good thing I used Strava. Here’s a pic of the start line.IMG_3089
Here’s a pic my hubby took of when I’m starting the race. Can you spot me?

Here’s a pic I took going up a little hill on the course.Downhill part.
Heading towards the finish.
My finish line pic.

I thought it was a good 5k course. I can’t complain…I PR’d…woohoo! 🙂

There was lots of snacks at the end that included bananas, oranges, bagels, bread, spreads, and bars.The fitness festival or fitness challenges were tough but fun. There were five challenges put on by Angel’s Fit Body Bootcamp and Baby Bootcamp of Sherwood/Tualatin. How many tire jumps could you do in a minute? How many deadman burpees could you do in a minute? How many push-ups in a minute? How many jump rope jumps could you do in 2 min? How long could you hold the elbow plank? I was surprised my name was still down on the board in the jump roping because I missed and didn’t even last two minutes. The plank challenge was amazing because a gal named Lynsey held it for 9 min!! I was happy with my 3:24. The fitness challenges were a fun thing to do at a race. 20150228_102638I managed to get 3rd in my age group for the females in the 5k race. Here’s a pic of me on the podium. I didn’t get up there in time when my name was called to get pictured with the others, oh wells. Another cool thing was the raffle towards the end. I ended up winning a 1 hr massage from Massage Envy. 🙂 It was a great day!! Here are my official results:IMG_3143Moms Run This Town and Uberthons put on a super event! There was even entertainment from Sal and the Salamanders and a kids fun zone, with a small bounce house, from We-Village Drop in Playcare. I almost forgot a pic of the cool medal.  Do you have a race soon? What’s your next race?

6 thoughts on “Mommathon 5k Race and Fitness Festival Recap

  1. Great job in your run and pretty cool they had a fitness challenge. Wow 42 pushups in a minute! You are a machine! 3:24 plank? I struggle at 1:30. Ha! Awesome job!!!


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