Last Week’s Half Marathon Training Workouts Recap (2/9-2/15)

neon (6)Four more weeks until the NYC Half Marathon. Half marathon training is going well since I’m getting my runs in even though some are done on different days than on the schedule. There’s also only two more weeks left in Insanity Max:30. Month two is definitely tougher but I feel I’m getting stronger. Here’s what the Asics app had scheduled for running:IMG_2401

Here’s what my week looked like:

Monday – Day 36 of Insanity Max:30 – Max Out Cardio completed. Maxed out at 8:34, a 27 sec improvement. IMG_2692

Here are some clips from Max Out Cardio:

Tuesday – Ran three miles easy and had to make a detour because of the high water on the trail by the bridge. Then did Max:30 – Max Out Power. Maxed out at 9:49, an improvement from last time.

Wednesday – Day 38 of Insanity Max:30 – Max Out Sweat done! I improved my max out time by 42 sec . Time was 8:22. IMG_2746

Thursday – Ran 7.5 miles while the lil guy was in preschool. Then later in the afternoon did Insanity Max:30 – Max Out Strength. Maxed out at 7:51, a few seconds improvement.







Friday – Ran three miles on the treadmill and then did Day 40 of Insanity Max:30 – Friday Fight Round 2. This one’s tough. After the iron legs move, the side to side floor hops kill. Maxed out at 6:22. Improved by 4 sec.




Saturday – Rest day

Sunday – Had a nice 8 mile run.IMG_2819


What was the best part of your week? Here’s to another great week of workouts!

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