Last Week’s Half Marathon Training and Workouts Recap (1/26-2/1)

neon (3)I had another busy week of workouts, but got them done! I finished week 4 of Insanity Max:30, so month one is in the bag. Woohoo! I’m a bit scared for month two since it’s supposed to be even more challenging. I also continued with the My Asics app half marathon training plan. Here was the Asics plan for last week:

IMG_2449I moved many of the runs to fit my schedule but I got around the same mileage in.

Here’s what I did:

Monday – Day 22 of Insanity Max:30 – Cardio Challenge completed. I maxed out at 12:36, a 3 min 27 sec improvement!

Tuesday – I decided to run the Mom’s Run This Town Virtual 10k. It was a good fast one!IMG_2314I also did Max:30 Tabata Strength. I maxed out at 10:41, a 32 sec improvement! I still don’t like this one because of all the diamond and v push-ups. I just need to keep working on them.IMG_2318

Wednesday – I did Max:30 – Sweat Intervals. I improved my max out time and got 11:31. Here’s some video clips when my little guy decided to join me at the end. You may have seen it in my previous post, but I think it’s cute :).

Thursday – I ran 5 miles on the treadmill! That was tough! I’m not used to running that much on it. It was my longest run ever. Watching on the iPad helps! Then I did day 25 of Insanity Max:30 – Tabata Strength. I maxed out at 10:45 which was a few sec improvement.



Friday – I ran 3 miles on the treadmill. I also did day 26 Max:30 – Friday Fight Round 1. I maxed out at 8:46, a 7 sec improvement.


Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – I ran a nice 10 miles.

How’d your week go? Happy first week of February!

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