My Sunday run, possible Morton’s Neuroma, and Flipbelt

According to Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half Marathon training plan, today was supposed to be a 15k race. I decided to do 10 miles. It went pretty well considering my pace, but my right foot’s toes have been having issues. It’s been ongoing for a little while now. I’ve been doing some research on the internet and I think I might have a Morton’s neuroma. My third and fourth toes on my right foot seem to go numb after around 7 miles. Then after my run, my foot is fine.

According to Web MD, Morton’s neuroma is a swollen or thickened nerve in the ball of your foot. When your toes are squeezed together too often and for too long, the nerve that runs between your toes can swell and get thicker. This swelling can make it painful when you walk on that foot. High-heeled, tight, or narrow shoes can make pain worse. Sometimes, changing to shoes that give your toes more room can help.

So I’m on the search for new shoes to see if it can help with the numbing. I’ve ordered Altra Torin’s, which I’ve read have a wide toe box. I got them on sale with a coupon code for $39 but had to return them since they were a little small. My first impressions were good. They seemed to have a lot of cushion and the toe box seemed wide, but it didn’t have the extra 1/2″ of room that it says for the toes. But I ordered the bigger size and should be getting them tomorrow. I can’t wait to try them.

Here are the stats on my run today:


Also, I was able to try the Flipbelt today. I actually tried it once earlier but realized it was big, since it was riding up my waist while running. I’m not doing good in getting the right size for things lol. But today, with the smaller size was awesome!! I could hardly feel it was there and I love how it’s easy to take my phone out, instead having to unzip a zipper, which is what I used before. I will do a full review soon. Here’s a picture of me in the Flipbelt:



On another note, I couldn’t pass up this awesome deal on this shirt! I love getting new running shirts and workout clothes! I got it for $6.37. Not bad for regular price being $24.99.


Have you got any good deals lately on running/workout gear? Do you have any recommendation on shoes with a wide toe box?

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