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Flipbelt – An Awesome Belt for Running

I was first introduced to the FlipBelt when I was at the Portland Rock’n’Roll Expo. I was going to run the Portland Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon the next day. I thought, that looks like a nice idea for a belt but at the time I was thinking I don’t need this, I already have a belt. Little did I know, it would’ve been nice to have the FlipBelt for that race. For some reason, during the race, the belt I already had, my Spibelt, kept bothering me. It was loose and I had to keep moving it down. I’m not sure if it was the extra Gu I put or what, but it bothered me during my race. I didn’t check if it was tightened enough I guess and I didn’t want to stop  during the race to figure out what was up. I probably should have since it annoyed me but I didn’t. I just kept pushing it down while running. Because of that race, I decided to look at different possibilities to hold my phone and Gu.

There was a lot of new stuff like the FlipBelt that intrigued me besides the Spibelt. Someone on one of my Facebook groups mentioned the HipsSister. I looked at it but didn’t really like the way it looked. I thought the band looked to high. The height of the band on the body is higher than the FlipBelt. It’s like five inches whereas the FlipBelt is three inches. Here’s a picture of the HipSsister and then one of me wearing my FlipBelt:


I like how the FlipBelt is a lot smaller but still can fit what I need to carry.

The packaging of the FlipBelt was simple. It gives you some key points of the belt. There’s also some small pictures showing how you can flip the belt to lock the items. I felt while running with it that there’s no need to flip the belt to lock items. My phone and Gu fit snug enough and did not fall out at all while running.


The FlipBelt is made of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex. It feels very durable to me and of great quality. On the packaging, you also see the sizing chart. Sizing is very important!!


I did not get the right size at first and I could tell because it was riding up my waist while I was running. Not a good thing. But they have an awesome return and exchange policy. Below is what it says on their website:

Returns Policy:

We have a 100% customer satisfaction gaurantee policy!  We are that flipping confident you will love the FlipBelt.  If you are in any way unhappy with our product, please return it to us within 30 days of purchase.  Simply request a return on your account page or request a return on our site.  Once we receive your return request, we will email you a return label.

We will email you as soon as we receive your return.  Expect to receive a credit within a week or two after.

Easy Exchanges:

We understand that online shopping and sizes do not mix.  If you are having issues with size or color, simply order a new one online and return the old one within 30 days.  See above for returns.

I ordered the smaller size, an extra small, and was able to get it pretty quick. I took it on a ten mile run and it was awesome! I could hardly feel it on me. I carried my iphone 5 in it and it felt snug against my belly. The belt did not ride up on me this time. I did not have to adjust it during my run. It was great! It was just like part of my clothes, my waistband. I also liked how I was able to just slip my phone in and out through the slit. I did not have to worry about any zippers, just had to open the slit a little and slide my phone right in. It’s nice!

The next run I ran with the FlipBelt, I put a packet of Gu in the back slit to test if it would stay. I ran five miles that day and the Gu stayed there the whole way and did not bother me at all. I thought pretty cool! This works great! I didn’t have to flip the belt at all to lock the items. This belt totally solved my problem of not having to adjust it during my runs, which I did with the Spibelt.

Here’s a comparison of the Spibelt. As you can see in the picture below, the Spibelt does stretch a lot more, so may be able to fit more. I use an iphone 5 and it fits fine but the FlipBelt does claim to fit all phones comfortably with the exception of the Note 2. While running with the Spibelt I did feel a little jiggle in the second pocket with the two Gu I put in during the race. With the FlipBelt, it was snug enough I couldn’t even feel the Gu. I had to check and feel if it was still there on my run. The Spibelt is nice but if you don’t have it adjusted right like on my race, which I didn’t think to check it can be an annoyance. With the Flipbelt, it’s snug just how it is. You don’t have to tighten the belt at all, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting. It’s awesome!

20140605-160453-57893189.jpg flipbelt






Below is a photo of what it looks like with my phone. I have easy access to slip my phone in and out to take pictures. When I would put my phone in my Spibelt I had to mess with zipping and unzipping, not anymore. 🙂20140605-220437-79477653.jpg

I also like how it’s inconspicuous. You can’t even see it since my shirt usually covers it. For the pictures above, I had to lift up my shirt.

So I gotta say I love the FlipBelt! It has now replaced my Spibelt. If you’re looking for something to store items easily while running, walking, or whatever, try the FlipBelt!

I’m part of the Moms Run This Town group and they have a discount code. Use code MRNTHSTWN for 10% off!

What do you think? What do you use to store items while running?