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My Workouts Recap (8/11-8/17) with PiYo Workout Preview Videos

Another week of half marathon training is done! I modified my schedule a bit to so I could get in the long run easier in the middle of the week. That way I didn’t have to wake up early on Thursday to run 7.5 miles. It worked out since I did not really get a long run in last Sunday due to the 5k trail race I ran.

So instead of resting on Monday and Tuesday, I moved the runs in on the schedule which I was supposed to do on Wednesday and Thursday. I jogged 3 miles on Monday and also did PiYo Sweat. I was truly sweaty afterwards.IMG_7370.JPGThen on Tuesday I ran 7.5 miles and then tried PiYo Hardcore on the floor for the first time. Oh boy! Hardcore on the floor is a toughie! The description on the DVD sleeve says, “This unique workout uses your own body weight to scorch fat and develop long, lean muscles while you sculpt abs, glutes, legs, and arms without ever having to leave the floor.” I gotta admit I was just watching some of it :P. It didn’t help that I had just run 7.5 miles.


On Wednesday, I did PiYo Buns. This one really works your lower body especially glutes and hamstrings. Who loves squats?


I also made a video of it to show you some of the moves:

Then on Thursday I did PiYo Drench for the first time. OMG this one’s no joke! I thought this one was hard. It’s about fifty minutes long, a lot longer than the other workouts and Chalene Johnson keeps you moving. The name does not disappoint…I was drenched and dripping sweat! I need to work on this one. Here’s a video with a few of the moves:

Friday was a rest day.

Then on Saturday, I jogged three miles on the treadmill and did PiYo Strength Intervals. This one’s a cardio strength workout and is about 22 minutes long.

Here’s a video preview of PiYo Strength Intervals:

Then Sunday’s workout was running 7.5 miles fast. I was in the guideline pace of 8:29-8:37, according to the Asics app, so I’m happy! My next half marathon is twenty-six days away. It’s getting closer.


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How’d last week go for you?