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Five Favorite Fall Foods

This week’s Friday Five theme is Five Favorite Fall Foods. I’m not the greatest cook so I don’t have any recipes for the foods I’ve chosen. But here are five favorite foods I love to eat in the Fall. Moderation is key since they aren’t very healthy. ūüôā

1. Pumpkin Pie. You know it’s Fall when Costco starts selling their Pumpkin Pies. I love their pumpkin pie and how cheap it is to buy.pumpkipie 2. Turkey. I love having turkey especially on Thanksgiving.turkey 3. Apple Pie. Gotta love apple pie too! I love apples!Apple-Pie

4. Stuffing. I love having stuffing during Thanksgiving. I don’t have stuffing very often so it’s definitely a favorite of mine on Thanksgiving.stuffing5. Pumpkin Spice Muffins. I was at Sweet Tomatoes and they had some really good pumpkin spice muffins. A new favorite for me.pumpkinspicemuffins

Those are my five favorite Fall foods. What is your favorite Fall food?

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