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Last Week’s Workouts and Weekend Update (3/16-3/22)

neon (11)This was recovery week after the NYC Half Marathon. I was a little sore after the race and wanted some time for my legs to recover. The My Asics App also had the whole week as a rest week but I couldn’t rest the whole week. Here’s what my workouts looked like this week as well as my weekend update:

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – I tried 21 Day Fix Extreme’s Pilates Fix for the first time. You use a resistance band throughout the workout and the handles were missing on mine so it was much tougher. But I had a great ab workout!
  Thursday – First run after the NYC Half. It felt good. Nice and easy.Friday – Ran a mile with this little cutie. He wanted to go for a run and I think he did awesome running his first mile.Saturday – I decided to do Focus T25’s Total Body Circuit workout. It’s been a while since I’ve done this one. I’m happy I can do more of it like some oblique push-ups now. I had a great sweat session!

On Saturday, I also decided to check out Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve. It’s a 635-acre wildlife preserve with 4 miles of walking trails. This was my first time going there and it was a great place to walk and enjoy nature. My kiddos enjoyed it too. I think I’ll do another post on it since I took a bunch of pics.

That night I also drove to Seattle, about 3 hours away.

Sunday – I got in a 6 mile run before heading to my nephew’s birthday party.
  This was waiting for me after my run….good thing I went for a run lol. This was a great idea that my sister in law came up with for lunch. It was a sandwich making spread. Everything was there to make a grilled sandwich or panini. We just picked what we wanted and then grilled it on the stove or in a panini maker. It was great!
We celebrated my nephew’s 7th birthday. I can’t believe he’s seven already. Time is flying and it means my eldest son’s birthday is just next month, since they are about a month apart in age.

It was a great day and nice to see my family again. How’d your week go? Hope you have a great week ahead!

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Last Week’s Half Marathon Training Recap (3/2-3/8) and Weekend Update

neon (9)This week started off great! It was nice to not have the Insanity Max:30 workouts since it’s tapering time. I did try some 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts and liked the strength training. But it seems like I’ve just come up a with a cold and my Sunday run was tough. Hopefully, it goes a way soon. Here’s the My Asics schedule last week:

Here’s what I did last week:

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Before my kiddos Preschool Field trip, I tried 21 Day Fix Extreme’s Upper Fix workout. It was a great upper body workout! It’s been a while since I’ve used weights and it was good. Wednesday – I ended up running an easy 4 miles instead of 3. Then I did Dirty 30 Extreme with the hubby. Another great workout with weights.

Thursday – Ran 5.5 miles while the kiddo was in Preschool.Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Three miles on the treadmill.Saturday was also a big day for the kiddos, since they were belt testing and earned their next belts. My youngest got his gold belt.

My oldest got his Warrior Juniors blue advanced belt and a patch for being teacher assistant more than twenty times. I’m proud of them and happy they enjoy martial arts.

Sunday – I ran only 5 miles, for the San Jose 408k Race to the Row Virtual/Remote Run I won from a giveaway from Relentless Forward Commotion. The actual race took place on March 1st, but I did not receive the bib, medal and shirt until Friday, the 6th. This was my first 8k virtual race or 8k race I’ve ever ran. An 8k is 4.97 miles but I decided to run 5 miles. It was a tough one for me. I just got a cold and wasn’t into it but got it done. I was hoping to run the 5.5 miles but didn’t feel well while running so just decided on the five miles. Hopefully my cold goes away soon! One more week until the NYC Half!
How’d your week go? Here’s to a great week ahead!

I’m linking up with Tara from Running ‘n’ Reading for the Weekend Update.

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