Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon Training Workouts Recap & Weekly Wrap (5/23-5/29)

The Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon is just three weeks away. That’s the week school ends for my 8 year old. Time sure is flying by. I thought this was a good week of workouts that ended with pacing the Oregon Half Marathon on Saturday. Here’s what I did:

Monday – Started with Total Body Circuit from T25 and then ran 3.01 miles.

Tuesday – We did P90X3’s CVX. I like how this one uses weights. Then I ran 3.01 miles.

Wednesday – I ran 5.16 early morning miles.imageThursday – I was ready to run on the treadmill when my 5 yr old said he wanted to run with me. I couldn’t say no to that. We ran 1.12 miles. 🙂 So proud of my little guy and love that he wanted to run with me.imageFriday – I ran 3 treadmill miles.imageSaturday – I ended up pacing the 2:15 group at the Oregon Spring Half Marathon. I was a bit relieved since I had paced that group before and I’m not sure how I’d do with pacing 2:30 since it’s longer time on my feet. I was supposed to pace 2:30 this time around but a 2:15 spot opened, so I was happy. I had a great time. Recap coming soon.imageSunday – Rest day.

Total miles = 28.4 miles. This was a good mileage week for me. Going along the lines of running more miles, I’ve decided to do the Summer Runner’s World Run Streak again this year. It lasts 36 days and as I’m writing this starts tomorrow, Monday, and ends on July 4th. Who’s in with me?36dayssummer2016runstreak.jpgSome highlights of the week were:

My 5 year old graduated from preschool. It will be nice that he’ll be in kindergarten next year so that he’ll be going to the same school as older brother. My kiddos are growing up fast.imageBoth my boys learned how to ride bikes without training wheels! Now all they want to do is play outside which is great!!20160526_191135.jpgI even hopped on my bike for the first time in a while.

How’d your week go? Here’s to a great week ahead! I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.WeeklyWrap

18 thoughts on “Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon Training Workouts Recap & Weekly Wrap (5/23-5/29)

  1. Great job pacing the racers! I don’t know if I could do that–what if I was having a bad race or something? When we ran Big Sur, we kept catching up to the 5 hour pace group. The leader of that group was amazing! She kept them on pace, they took walk breaks, and her pep talks were epic! I’m sure they all finished strong.


  2. How fun that your little boy wanted to run with you. It is great that both your boys love to play outside so much. Too many kids are glued to video games and computers. Congrats on pacing the half marathon. I’ve never been a pacer for a group, but did pace a friend for her first (and only) half marathon.


  3. It’s great both of your boys have now graduated from training wheels. I think I see a lot more bike rides in your future! School ends so early for us and I forget it’s still in session in other parts of the country. Your preschooler is so cute in his graduation picture! Congratulations on your pacing job. It looks like you brought everyone in right on time. Did you have to hold a sign? (That would stress me out! Ha.) I look forward to the recap. Thanks for linking with us Sherry.


  4. Nice week Sherry! Can’t wait for RNR Seattle! Good to hear you got to pace the 2:15 group rather than 2:30. Great job doing that! Congrats to Josh and yay for bike riding! 🙂


  5. I love seeing your kids wanting to run with you! I’m giving the RWRunstreak a try too! I hope it gives me some motivation to get the ol’ heart rate up at least once a day.


  6. Great job pacing! I would love to do that one day. Congrats to your son on graduating preschool! I know you’re glad they’ll both be at the same school next year. Also, congrats to them both on ditching the training wheels. That’s a huge accomplishment! I still remember when I ditched mine. Haha! I’m doing the RW Summer Streak too. I only made it 17 days last summer before I came down with the stomach bug. I’m hoping to redeem myself this year.


    1. Thanks Debra! It will be nice when they’re both in the same school. I’m so proud the learned to ride without the training wheels so fast. Good luck doing the RW run streak! 🙂


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